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I love sharing my knowledge and inspiring people to upgrade their relationship with themselves and the planet.  Contact me for booking.

Workshops I have given in the past include:

February 23, 2019, CT NOFA Winter Conference Bridgeport, CT

“Thrive this Growing Season: Wellness Tips From a Professional Horticulturist”

Do you feel like in Spring you are literally running on light, but by fall you are heading for burnout? Learn Practical tools and mindset tweaks to harness the energy of the seasons to give you vibrant energy all season! Alleviate stress and embrace the beauty of the garden and nurture your own well-being.

March 10, 2018, CT NOFA Winter Conference Danbury, CT

“How to Create a Gorgeous Pollinator Garden”

Do you dream about walking into your own garden, and there you find a lush oasis overflowing with flowers, bees and butterflies? Learn the keys to creating a gorgeous pollinator garden that looks breathtaking its first year. We’ll simplify the design process into easy and structured steps- without complicated software!