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Terra Love Spring Flower Shares 

Imagine Gorgeous Spring Blooms- scented hyacinths, heirloom daffodils, specialty double and parrot tulips, alliums and more- reserved JUST FOR YOU.

Or let’s take a moment to imagine gifting them to someone very special in your life (mmmm…let’s bask in their delight a little bit shall we?….)


A Terra Love Spring Flower Share includes 4 weeks of Crazy-Beautiful flowers, picked and arranged just for you. You’ll get a bouquet of cream of the crop flowers because you are first in line and a serious VIP! All Flowers are grown locally in my garden without the use of toxic pesticides.

Shares start in MAY 2019. Pick-up spot TBD, but will be centrally located in Washington, Morris, or Litchfield CT.

Spring 2019 Flower Shares: $105

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If you have any questions, hit me with an email me at mira@terralovegardening.com ❤️