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"The Planet Needs more Amazing people- just like YOU"


Hello Lovely,

Let me tell you something: I love you already! 

You’re doing everything an eco-conscious person should be doing: you’re using re-usable bags, not buying bottled water, recycling. You may even be into zero-waste or veganism to save the planet. So you’re also pretty health-conscious and doing the following: taking supplements, eating clean, going to yoga, meditating. So you’re also a bit into spirituality, the power of your thoughts and your vibe.


And that's  AWESOME. But inside, you still feel like something is M I S S I N G.


You may ride home on the subway, clinging to your WholeFoods purchases thinking, “Is this all there is?” 


You lust after the gorgeous cut flowers at the Farmer’s market, and then ‘hang out’ by the potted herbs and indoor plants…. On your way home from yoga you take the long way home through the Botanical Garden and then linger in the bookstore….and when you get home, on your bedside table are the latest books by Gabby Bernstein & Erin Benzakein of Floret (oh yeah, and some crystals ;)))


To this, all I can say is: WELCOME BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Welcome to TERRA LOVE, the place where you can explore how gardening connects you to nature, yourself & your spirit.


I spent years  like you, working inside all day- with absolutely no idea if it was even light or dark outside. I felt lost and depressed. I took up yoga and started following some spiritual teachings; I would briefly feel better, but also like I had no place to utilize what I had learned.  I felt like I had no relationship to the seasons, so I became obsessed with eating locally and read books by Barbara Kingsolver and subscribed to Organic Gardening magazine. I'd take the long way home through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on free days, eeking out what slice of nature I could find in the city. My library hauls started including books like Designing with Plants by Piet Oudolf and I signed up for a course about perennials at the Botanical Garden, even though I had absolutely no place to have a garden.


I remember my childhood, growing up with untethered access to the woods, and how I’d come upon amazing magical scenes filled with lady slippers and lichen encrusted boulders... my life had become so far removed from that, all of a sudden, connecting to nature had to be PRIORITIZED.



I thought that changing careers to a more green-minded Industry, like horticulture, would give me back that connection to nature that I so craved.


Hmm, well, not so much.


I soon learned that horticulture and landscaping were filled with lots of unsavory activities, like toxic spraying programs of pesticides and herbicides and copious amounts of synthetic fertilizers. And it’s often reliant on non-renewable resources like peat moss and petroleum products. Soil killing practices like ‘double-digging’ and tilling were taught as ‘best’ practices. And a lot of the people in the landcare industry, were not interested in yoga or Eckhart Tolle or tuning into their higher power.


Well, I knew there had to be a better way.


I launched myself into the periphery of the conversation, where people were talking about things like Ecological Landcare, heirloom seeds, restorative agriculture, native plant communities, native pollinators… and I started following spiritual and wellness thought leaders like Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein and I knew there was a way to combine it all to feel that bliss of connecting to the Earth, our bodies and our spirits.


This is what TERRA LOVE provides, a place where you can explore how gardening can help you connect to nature, yourself and your spirit.


I started my career in horticulture almost a decade ago, and this is the place I wish had existed when I started. I trained in fine horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden at The School of Professional Horticulture to gain skills and knowledge, and then became an Accredited Organic Landcare Professional with The Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) when I wanted to learn more positive ways to protect the planet. Connecting to my body is second nature to me: before horticulture I trained and danced professionally in the US, Canada & Europe, and graduated with a degree in Dance from NYU. I believe the landscape that surrounds us effects our bodies  profoundly in both physical and emotional ways. 


Being surrounded by concrete and spending too  many hours in front of screens stresses us out; nature has the power to dissolve all of this.


 Instead of feeling helpless and overwhelmed with the state of our ailing planet, let's decide to interact with our environment with creativity and divine intention.


I’m so happy you’re here; you’re gonna love this journey. Together we can heal the planet, our health and our spirit.

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Much Love,